What About U – Vincent Kwok & Nina Lares

Eight-Fifteen Recordings
Released March 2008

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This was my first ever collaboration with the wonderful vocals of Nina Lares who I’ve collaborated on other tracks since then.  The song was started with my other cohort Leedia Urteaga.  With a whole host of celebrity remixers we ended splitting this into 2 releases.  This also includes a gorgeous deep tech remix by my good friend bvdub, and is definitely one of my favourite interpretations of the track

Interesting factoid, this was the last ever vinyl release for Eight-Fifteen Recordings.  Those were the days

Year End 2014 Mix

I’m really liking the way house is slowing down again and we’re all going deep.

Here’s a mix I did with what I’ve vibing off lately. It starts with something of mine I did with my good friend Leedia Urteaga, to be released soon!


Do You Remember (Vincent Kwok’s Air Guitar Mix) – DJ MFR feat Tonee Green

Remixed by Vincent Kwok
Transport Recordings
Released June 2006

Here’s something that I remixed back in 2006 for DJ MFR. Featuring the vocal musings of Tonee Green (aka Capital A), I threw in a punchy kind of loop with little female vocal snippets. The piece de resistance is the guitar solo which I threw in. It just seemed to fit with the feel of this particular remix.

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Be As One (New Mondo Mix) – Tuff n Mello

Remixed by New Mondo
Transport Recordings
Released April 2007

A remix of Tuff and Mello which is the duo of Nathan G and Rudy from Australia. This remix that I did with DJ MFR during our New Mondo period was inspired by a remix of a Miguel Migs track that MFR had brought to the studio. The bass sound is definitely a sound that is associated with Migs, although we did put in our own little touches, such as the timbale roll (an MFR thing), while I threw in the bass bendy bits. Listen out for the middle section of the remix which goes into a whole other rhythm.

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Written and Produced by Vincent Kwok
Kapa Music
Released April 2012

A bouncy little tune I put together for the Nova Planet compilation on Kapa Musicfor my friend DJ Nova from Greece. I think this is probably one of the happiest sounding things I’d done in a while. You can imagine driving down the highway with the wind in your hair in your little red convertible….

I did throw that weird vocal sample into it though…..:P

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Tech Soul Funky 1

A DJ Mix which spans my schizophrenic…uh…eclectic tastes, starting off with something soulful from Tortured Soul, I go latin and then tech deep…Enjoy

Wave of Love – D-Reflection feat Christa

Remixed by Vincent Kwok
Adaptation Music
Released September 2010

I was listening to a lot of progressive/pop dance music (what today is called EDM) and when the opportunity came to remix this track, I decided to try and do something completely different from what would normally be expected of me.  I really like the breathiness of the vocals from Christa.
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Better Place – Random Soul ft Kristen Pearson

Remixed by Vincent Kwok
Barcoda Recordings
Released August 2009

Now, this is one of my favourite remixes. Combining my new found interest in tech and combining it with funky basslines over an uplifting vocal, these make a great combination. If you listen closely, there is no bass line in the first verse at all (toying with the audience, I call it), and then I let the moogish bass come in. Even then, I stay in one chord when the chorus comes in, and just when you can’t handle it anymore, I allow the chord change. The only thing I would change if I were to redo this is one of the loops that I used for the beats. It’s a bit too recognisable.

I remember playing this live at the Tramp Bar in Melbourne during the early morning hours. This was magic!

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